Conference Highlights

Professional Development

provide an opportunity to receive critical feedback on submitted papers in the review process as well as the opportunity to present accepted papers in a professional conference.
Interactive paper sessions for those papers earlier in development or work-in-progress pieces which could benefit from informal feedback from other participants.

Publishing Opportunities – The best-selected papers of the conference will be considered for publication in a special issues of the following journals:-

Nepalese Journal of Management (NJM)

Nepalese Journal of Corporate Governance (NJCG)

Nepalese Journal of Finance (NJF)
Conference Proceedings

Conference Awards – Conference chairpersons and key note speakers will be given Certificate and Token of Love

Friendship – Conference will provide opportunities for friendship.

Collaboration – Conference will provide collaborative opportunities

Sight seeing – Conference will provide opportunities to see beautiful places of Kathmandu.

Cultural program – Conference will provide opportunities to understand Nepalese culture and tradition.