Conference Theme

The field of MANAGEMENT has recently witnessed an exciting period of change and growth. Managers are increasingly employing new techniques of managing business including sophisticated computer resources to aid in their managerial decision-making. Financial engineers have created new derivative financial instruments and transactions to help managers manage risk and increase shareholder wealth. Corporate reformers have focused attention on the structure of corporate governance relationships and the impact of alternative managerial compensation packages on firm performance. With the increase in bankruptcy filings, financial researchers have made important advances in the areas of valuation, cost of capital, capital structure theory and practice, option valuation, hedging strategies, and dividend policy. Over the past few years, the access to and content of the internet have greatly expanded, making timely managerial information increasingly available to customers, investors, and managers.

The future promises to be an even more exciting time for management professionals. Managers who act contrary to the basic objective of maximizing shareholder wealth face the prospect of an unfriendly takeover, a corporate restructuring, pressures from shareholder groups and institutional investors. The importance of cash flows in the financial management of a firm will assume more significance. Firms that are carrying significantly more debt than in the past will face new challenges during business downturns. The contemporary managers will have to possess greater knowledge of the important aspects of doing business in international marketplace. In addition, interest in the standards of ethical behavior adopted by managers of business enterprises is growing. Hence, management in the years to come should come up with an increased focus on shareholder wealth maximization, cash flow management, and ethical behavior of managers. Realizing the importance of discussion on EMERGING ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN MANAGEMENT: DEVELOPING TALENT, BUILDING ORGANIZATION AND CREATING A FUTURE (UIMC-EICM), Uniglobe College is organizing an international conference. In order to address the multi-disciplinary repercussions of the global meltdown, and changing role of managerial decision making in the field of marketing, finance, human resource management, organizational behavior, and accountancy; the conference intends to provide a platform for deliberation over its impact on a wide spectrum of arenas.

In relation to the main theme of the conference the following are the areas to be explored:
1. International business & trade
2. Marketing innovations and ethics
3. Marketing strategies
4. Management information system
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Human resource management
7. Strategic management
8. Operation management
9. Customer relation management
10. Financial management
11. Corporate finance
12. Investment management
13. Financial institutions and markets
14. Business society and ethics
15. International fin. Mgmt..
16. Global recessions
17. Corporate reporting practice
18. Int’l Actg. standards
19. Corporate governance
20. Sustainability of fin. Systems
21. Supply chain management
22. E-business
23. Municipal finance
24. Derivatives
25. Insurance and risk management
26. E-governance
27. Financial reporting
28. Management education
29. Banking